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Market Research

Stakeholder Interview

Lean UX


Competitor Analysis


Lean UX

Competitor Analysis


Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Competitor Analysis

Qualitative Research


User Journey Map

Usability Testing


Usability Testing


User Journey Map

Usability Testing




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High Fidelity Product Prototype


Antalya, Turkey


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Two Weeks

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

Joseph Pilates

Who Is The Pilates Lab Studio?

Boutique Pilates Excellence

The Pilates Lab Studio, based in Antalya/Turkey, is a boutique Pilates studio founded by two passionate women who turned fitness enthusiasts.

Personalized Wellness

Offering 1-1 and duet classes, The Pilates Lab Studio delivers personalized fitness experiences that cater to individual needs and goals.

Services and Workshops

In addition to their classes, The Pilates Lab Studio provides exclusive services and workshops, making it a holistic wellness destination.

Market Research

The global Pilates and Yoga Studios market size was valued at USD 97563.0 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.07% during the forecast period, reaching USD 146963.0 million by 2027.

Based on Product Types the Market is categorized into Below types that held the largest Pilates and Yoga Studios market share in 2023.

  • Yoga Classes

  • Pilates Classes

  • Pilates & Yoga Accreditation Training

  • Merchandise Sales

Read more about the research here.

Design Goals

Boost the Online Visibility

Our primary goal is to empower local businesses by creating their online presence. We work to help them expand their reach, enhance their visibility, and thrive in the digital landscape.

Streamline the Booking Process

We care about understanding the needs of both stakeholders and end-users. We aim to design a platform that helps to streamline the booking process, making the overall experience delighful.

Why Emphatise also with Business?

Understanding stakeholders and the business perspective is fundamental for effective business management and strategy. It enables alignment, informed decision-making, risk mitigation, enhanced communication, innovation, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, long-term success, and ethical practices.

Stakeholder Interview

Business Painpoints
Scheduling and Communication Challenges

The current approach of using text messages through platforms is time-consuming and not scalable.

Lack of Digital Payment Options

They primarily handle payments in cash, and they desire to have online payment options.

Managing Client Expectations

Clients often expect immediate responses and solutions to their scheduling and program inquiries.

We have a problem with schedules. People want to ask me, but we can't always answer their calls during lessons. It's a real problem for both our clients and me.

Burcu Ozlen Orakci, Co-Founder

We need to send schedules to everyone individually every weekend, and it's quite a challenging task. It is both time consuming and very open to have mistakes with scheduling.

Eda Atsiz, Co-Founder

Working on and with Lean UX Methodology gave us a comprehensive understanding about the problem and a solid focus about the solution.

Lean UX for Business Success

Competitor Analysis

We have conducted a analysis on four competitors in the close region of Antalya.

Visible Personal Trainer Info?
  • None of the competitors had that info on their website.

Classes and Online Sessions?
  • None of the competitors had those services.

Online Booking/Payment?
  • None of the competitors had online booking or payment option.

Strongest Competitor User Flow and Site Map

S.W.O.T. Table

The importance of SWOT analysis lies in its ability to provide a structured, systematic, and holistic view of an internal and external factors.

Qualitative Research

User Quotes

The reviews are really important and valuable. The most important thing is the referrals from friends. Even if the reviews are not that great, I would trust my friends.


Pilates is quite abstract for me because I've never done it. I need a little bit more information to not feel uncomfortable. I think transparency would help me make a decision.


Pilates is something that needs awareness. Rating is also important. I joined one through a recommendation from my friend and based on reviews. Experience of the trainer also matters.


We compiled the interview results as a word cloud to visualise the data about the pain-points of our target audience.

Meet the Persona: Cenk

Challenge Cenk

Confused Sportsman








Being more active is kind of my main life goal. But sometimes I miss a free slot just because it's too annoying for me to book it.


Cenk is a young man who loves to be active and thrives on sports. From an early age, he has been drawn to athletic pursuits and has always found motivation in pushing himself to achieve new goals.

He is the kind of person who loves a good challenge and never shies away from trying something new. However, despite his passion for sports, Cenk has limited knowledge about Pilates, a form of exercise that he has yet to explore.

Nonetheless, he is always eager to learn and is excited about the prospect of discovering new ways to challenge himself both physically and mentally.


  • To have clear knowledge about the Pilates and engage with it.

  • To book the class that matches his own schedule and have personal agenda updated.

  • To find a trainer who understands him and helps him to improve himself.


  • Improvement

  • Self-challenge

  • see the results


  • Confused with not knowing how to combine Pilates with his exercise routine.

  • Frustrated with complex booking and time loss

  • Dissatisfied with not enough transparency

  • Disturbed by irrelevant content suggestions

  • Unhappy not being able to find a relevant trainer to his sport interests

Challenge Cenk

"As-Is' User Journey Map

Cenk, a man with a deep passion for sports and an insatiable appetite for new challenges, has decided to explore Pilates, a discipline he has yet to experience. His daily routine reflects his active lifestyle and eagerness to learn. However, he's encountered some hurdles in his journey.

One of his challenges lies in booking Pilates classes. Instead of the convenience of an online platform, Cenk has been faced with manual calling and scheduling. This outdated process has been a source of frustration, and he's actively seeking a more efficient way to book his classes and manage his schedule.

A Typical Active Day

I love being. Being more active is kind of my main life goal. I can set a goal and I try to achieve that goal.

Lack of Improvement

He starts to struggle to improve himself but knows that he can solve this problem with a supportive sport and a proper trainer.

is everything under control?

Most of the trainers suggest Pilates to implant next to cycling is beneficial but it is quite abstract for me, because I've never done it. Is it some kind of yoga?

okay, let's give it a try

I want to get informed and know what I'm getting. I just want to see what I need to see also I want to have my own schedule.

i have lost the interest

He wanted to give it a try based on the recommendation of his friend but he is already feeling annoyed and frustrated because of the whole complex process and unclear information.

HMW Statements

- HMW help him to find the best trainer for him? - HMW guide him to engage with Pilates?

- HMW help him to find the best trainer for him? - HMW guide him to engage with Pilates?

- HMW help him to find the best trainer for him? - HMW guide him to engage with Pilates?

- HMW make him know the benefits of the Pilates? - HMW integrate his personal agenda with recently booked class?

- HMW help him to book classes according to his own schedule? - HMW help him to find the information he is seeking?

Problem Satement

Health-conscious individuals who are interested in Pilates need to find a convenient, easy, and efficient way to engage with Pilates. Because the manual systems in both scheduling and payment cause them to time loss and not know the actual benefits of the Pilates which ends up lacking their self-body improvement.

By the help of a strong empathy, we imagined the flow and the experience in Cenk's shoes and designed the best journey that could solve his problems.


Our Pilates e-commerce website MVP offers a seamless and personalized Pilates experience. It includes real-time trainer schedules, customisable scheduling, trainer profiles, and transparent company info.

Landing Page

Services Page

Trainer Schedules Page

Class Booking Page

Mid Fidelity Screens

Landing Page

Services Page

About Us Page

Class Booking Page

Our goal was to establish a transparent platform by offering pricing details and trainer profiles in numerous locations.
However, presenting the same information on multiple pages led to confusion among users and disrupted the progression of their booking process.

Usability Testing Results

Our goal was to establish a transparent platform by offering pricing details and trainer profiles in numerous locations. However, presenting the same information across multiple pages led to disorientation among users and disrupted the progression of their booking process.

About Us Page

Services Page

Clear Layout


General Clear Navigation

Confusing Content Order

Brand Attributes and Moodboard





Style Tile

Site Map

Final Product

Their design of our online platform went beyond our hopes and dreams, showcasing an exceptional understanding of both our and the users' requirements. Their insightful approach and attention to detail both surprised and pleased us. From now on, this is our turn to find the best development team to make this brilliant idea to life and boost our visibility and customer engagement in the best possible way.

Burcu Ozlen Orakci, Co-founder

What Went Well?

Stakeholders expressed great satisfaction with the ultimate result, noting that the design embodies their emotions and collective vision.

What Did Not Go Well?

While working on the design, a team member unfortunately experienced a mishap, leading us to compensate with additional hours to ensure timely project completion.

Due to schedule constraints, we panicked a bit and rushed with the early phases of the design process. We tried to to a problem statemetn without user persona and journey mapping. We realized we can not come up with solid problem statemetn that can lighten us for brainstorming. Rushing things caused us even more time to spend on all over again.

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