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User Journey Map

Wireframe Evolution


User Journey Map

Wireframe Evolution

Design Validation

Wireframe Evolution

Design Validation

Feedback Implementation

Design Validation

Feedback Implementation



Typography Board


Typography Board

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The more you are close to someone, the harder it gets to be fully open.

What is Stella?

Meaningful Conversations

Stella, the smart pocket coach, helps initiate deep conversations with loved ones, especially when starting can be difficult due to the intimate nature of such discussions.

Science-Based Assistance

It provides science-based questions, guides on conversation tone, and meaningful follow-up queries, ensuring a more profound and engaging dialogue.

Speech to Memories

Conversation capture with speech-to-text technology through a single button click, creating editable text documents that transform into cherished memory books.

Affinity Map


Feeling more connected after deep talks

Seeking connection and relevant discussions

Importance of time and frequency


Seeking depth and connection with loved ones

Seeking depth and connection

Deepening friendships and connection

Building trust and creating a safe space

Pain points

Lack of intimacy or vulnerability during conversations

Lack of intimacy during conversations

Sensitivity or discomfort with certain topics

Challenges of distance or lack of context

Quantitative Research Results

Desire for a Judgement Free Environment

Users value a setting where they can express themselves openly without fear of judgment or negative reactions.

Break the Barriers for Deep Conversations

Users mention experiencing barriers when initiating deep conversations, especially with certain individuals or in specific contexts.

Time Constraints and Busy Lifestyles

Users mention the challenges of finding time for deep conversations with their loved ones to deepen their connections.

Keepsake of the Memories

Users make emphasis on preserving and revisiting those hard-to-start and valuable conversations as long lasting memories.

Project Persona

Sensitive Sarah
The Emotional Mom



The Netherlands







I have more deep conversations with my husband, but it's very difficult with young children. Also, I would like to have more conversations with my parents when it is too late.


Sarah is a caring and family-oriented individual who prioritizes her loved ones' well-being and happiness. She faces challenges in connecting with her teenage child but receives strong support from her husband in working on effective communication strategies.

Additionally, she is dedicated to cherishing moments with her aging father while promoting open and heartfelt conversations in their time together.

  • A safe and comfortable environment where one can express themselves without judgment to build trust

  • A sense of connection with others, especially through deep and meaningful conversations while Strengthening bonds and finding common ground

  • To break through barriers and engage in deeper conversations with family members, friends, or partners.

  • Fear of judgement or negative reaction

  • Challenges of lack of context

  • Trouble with starting the conversation

  • Lack of time or opportunity for deeper talks

  • Sensitivity or discomfort with certain topics

  • The want to have a meaningful conversation is often felt too late when the person gets sick or old

  • Lack of intimacy or vulnerability

Sensitive Sarah

"As-Is' User Journey Map
"As-Is' User Journey Map

Sarah, a dedicated mother and wife, starts her day by preparing breakfast for her family and engaging in light conversation. She helps her teenage child get ready for school, occasionally dealing with disagreements. She values the time they have together and aims to understand her child's perspective.

Throughout the day, Sarah maintains contact with her family, checking in with her husband's work progress and ensuring her father's comfort. When the evening comes, she takes a moment to reflect on her desire for more meaningful interactions with her teenage child and how she can better connect with them. Sarah acknowledges the importance of open and heartfelt conversations in fostering stronger bonds with her loved ones.

Step 1


Sarah realizes that meaningful conversations with her teenage child and father are becoming increasingly difficult due to conflicts arising from the gap between the generations and causing misunderstandings.

Step 2


Step 2


She and her husband explore various resources, such as books, articles, and online forums, to gain insights into navigating teenage behaviors and older family members and fostering a deeper connection.

Step 3


Feeling discouraged, Sarah realizes that they require a safe and specialized platform to guide them in opening and continuing meaningful conversations with their teenager and also father in daily life basis.

Step 4


Although many platforms provide written guidance or video content, she can not find a convenient one that they can use as a family. This causes frustrations in all of them and effects their time spent together.

Step 5


Sarah gives up hopes on engaging with two different family members and decides to focus on one of them. But she is not feeling comfortable about it because she knows she is missing a lot on the other side day-by-day.

HMW Statements

- HMW develop a family-oriented and connection focused platform that guides individuals like Sarah?

- HMW develop a family-oriented and connection focused platform that guides individuals like Sarah?

- HMW develop a family-oriented and connection focused platform that guides individuals like Sarah?

- HMW provide Sarah the tools and resources to navigate the complexities of communicating?

- HMW create a platform that empowers Sarah and her family to bridge the gap between generations?

Based on our research results and journey mapping we identified the main problems for our target audience. That identification helped us to define the problem in a structured way.

Main Problems

Communication Barries

Sarah and her family are experiencing difficulties in engaging in meaningful conversations with their teenage child and aging father, primarily due to generational differences and misunderstandings.

Lack of Guidence

Existing resources like articles, and online forums are insufficient in providing the guidance and support needed to bridge the communication gap and foster deeper connections within the family.

Problem Statement

Users who desire a safe and judgment-free environment, along with meaningful connections. They need to find a way to engage in deep conversations that accommodate their busy lifestyles with depth because they face time constraints, hesitations in initiation, and a desire to preserve and reflect on these discussions.

Mobile Device Main Flow

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Iterations

As we iterated our designs during our journey to high fidelity screens and did brainstorming together as a team to explain the importance of the onboarding screens to the stakeholders and agreed on keeping them.

Stakeholder Feedback and Validation

  1. Concerns about feminine style and missing the possible users because of mis-interface concept.

  1. Questions about the onboarding screens and maybe removing them from the flow.

  1. Suggestions about making the interface more focused on dark theme to reduce the distractions during usage.

Mood Board


Color Palette

Quicksand stood out as the optimal choice among many typefaces (such as Montserrat, Comfortaa, Catamaran, and Gill Sans) due to its combination of clarity and readability in addition to the tone and the style of the typeface.

Typography Decision

Clarity and Readability

Quicksand is known for its legible design, sans-serif letterforms, and balanced spacing that ensures users can easily absorb information.

Friendly Tone

Quicksand is characterized by rounded letterforms and an open design. This visual style imparts a warm feel to the typeface.

Approachable Style

The typeface avoids overly complex or formal elements and promotes inclusivity and a sense of openness in the user experience.

Typography Board

Stella generates questions based on the flow of the conversation. Interactive UI cards made it easy to ask relevant questions that are suggested by Stella.

Design Systems and Documentation

Ceren worked as a UX/UI designer for my startup. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ceren. She is smart, a natural leader, self-possessed and organised, and a great communicator. She not only delivered great work, she went above and beyond her tasks and made the effort to hand work over so well. And most importantly, very fun to work with!

Founder of Stella

What Went Well?

The successful investment tour is a huge success for both us and our stakeholder. It indicated that the project's value proposition and potential were well-received, setting a positive tone for future funding and growth.

What Did Not Go Well?

Dealing with a volunteer team that had disparate schedules posed a notable challenge, making it hard to maintain project momentum and adhere to the planned schedule.

Please reach out to me for the prototype link!

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Next Project


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