AmsterdamUX Event Visualization Series

General UX Events
Nov'23 @Elsevier

World Usability Day | Collaboration Between UX and Sales Team

Nov'23 @Elsevier

Collaboration in Global Teams: Communication Beyond Borders

Nov'23 @Elsevier

Easy Donations at ING: A Short Story of a "Purpose-Driven" Collaboration

UX Monthly Sessions
Nov'23 @digital power

Scaling Data Storytelling Using the Data Visualization Library

Oct'23 @de vakantie discounter

How to Build UX Labs for Large Teams - The Technical Side of ReOps

UX Lecture Sessions
Oct'23 @Design Well

Using Ethnography to Understand Design Team's Journey During a Takeover

UX Crawl Series
Sep'23 @Valsplat & happy Labs

Recruiting Participants and The Heroes of Value

Aug'23 @Ngrane

Elevating Design: AI-Powered Digital Marketing Concept Creation

Aug'23 @Miro

This is how we do it at miro: Designing for millions of users

Aug'23 @ING

Setting a Data Informed Design Culture In a Big Organization

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