Illustrator Portfolio Web Site

Illustrator Portfolio Web Site

Stakeholder Interview

Qualitative Research

Platform Analysis

Usability Testing

Qualitative Research

Platform Analysis

Usability Testing


Usability Testing


Style Tile

High Fidelity Product Prototype


Style Tile

High Fidelity Product Prototype

Framer Platform


Istanbul, Turkiye


Product Designer

UX/UI Designer / Researcher

UX/UI Designer / Researcher


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Solo Project

Project Type

Client Project


4 Days

In this project, my client was a user of other illustrators' web sites but also stakeholder for her own. This was simple but yet a challenging project to combine two sides on one web page.

Who is the client?

Cansu Carikci

Cansu is a freelance digital illustrator with a focus on children's book and child friendly content animation, based in Istanbul/Turkiye. While she was working on watercolour paintings and illustrations, she discovered world of creating a content only for children and fell in love with the idea of being the imagination spark for the young minds.

Problem Discovery


Having only Behance based portfolio does not give enough visibility and retention for the illustrator. She needs a fully personalised platform that contains both her work and personal approach on art and illustration.


What sets her uniqe is, she works both traditional and digital and even combines those two methods to create a blended canvas. She suffered that this important info was lost and missed on her Behance page among small squares.

I not only want to be visible online but also be heard and seen in terms of my skills and passion for the art.

Cansu, Illustrator

This testing was conducted to point out the strong and weak sides of the portfolios. With this strategy based research approach I aim to create good curation of the portfolios and tailor them for my client.

Portfolio Analysis with Usability Testing

I love cards that are showing her talent but this overlay is so annoying to close. It keeps surfing between the images and cross button to leave the overlay is impossible to see.

Melis, Book Editor

It would be better if the "about" section reflected the feeling in the rest of the portfolio.

Ceyda, Pre-School Teacher

I cherish the way she also showcases her sketch book. That's quite a personal attribute.

Kemal, Content Editor

Behance always gives me Pinterest or Instagram vibes but in design content. I like and pin posts but I am cannot decide weather I would hire this artist or not.

Kemal, Content Editor

I gained valuable insights both during usability testing and further portfolio research. I always feel more comfortable after working on persona and gives me solid understanding of the journey of target audience.

Bookworm Betty

The Children's Book Editor








Time is very important when it comes to analyse portfolios and decide on the collaboration.


Betty is a seasoned book editor with a specialization in children's literature. Her keen eye for captivating storytelling and vibrant illustrations has led to the successful publication of numerous beloved children's books. As a mother herself, she brings a unique perspective to her work, constantly evaluating potential collaborators from both a professional and parental standpoint.


  • Quality in collaborations

  • On-point analyse

  • Saving time during decision making


  • Personalised portfolios that stands out from the crowd and helps her to make decision

  • Presentation of sample illustrations at a glance


  • Thorough Review: Betty meticulously browses through illustrator portfolios, paying close attention to artistic style, versatility, and ability to evoke emotions suitable for children's books.

  • Dual Perspective: She evaluates each illustrator's work not only from a professional standpoint but also through the lens of a parent, ensuring that the illustrations are engaging and appropriate for young readers.

  • Curator's Eye: Betty maintains a curated list of illustrators for future collaborations, considering long-term potential and suitability for upcoming projects.


  • Lack of Diversity: Betty may encounter portfolios that lack diversity in artistic style, making it difficult to find illustrators who can cater to a variety of children's book themes and genres.

  • Inconsistent Quality: Inconsistent quality across illustrations may raise concerns for Betty, as she seeks illustrators who can consistently deliver high-quality artwork for entire books.

  • Limited Versatility: Betty may find portfolios limiting in terms of illustrator versatility, especially if they specialize in a specific style or theme that doesn't align with the diverse range of children's books she works on.

Betty, a children's book editor, struggles to efficiently evaluate illustrator portfolios due to their lack of diversity and child-centric approach. Time constraints exacerbate this challenge, underscoring the need for streamlined solutions to enhance the selection process in children's book publishing.

Ideation Drafts

Based on the research, I imagined the UI elements of the platform reflect her personal, children-first approach, and playful soul. Thats why the button corners are fully rounded, main font family is hand-written script, and images are also with rounded corners.


Love Ya Like a Sister


Finger Paint



custom made cursor

Cansu Çarıkçı

Primary Colour


HEX COLOR: #292145

RGB: 41, 33, 69

Secondary Colour



RGB: 163, 195, 223

Accent Colour



RGB: 241, 158, 82

Background Image







CTA Regular

CTA Hover

As a painter and a digital artist

What Went Well?

I love user testing and I enjoyed every minute of it. It is very fascinating to witness the users' minds.

Regular updates and collaborative discussions kept all stakeholders well-informed and ensured that their feedback was addressed promptly. We planned, designed, and executed each feature to maximize its value and relevance to project objectives.

Regular updates and collaborative discussions kept all stakeholders well-informed and ensured that their feedback was addressed promptly. We planned, designed, and executed each feature to maximize its value and relevance to project objectives.

What Did Not Go Well?

Since this project was including a very simple content, I had a little bit hard time at first to simplify my mind. Not every web site requires crazy animations and interactive cards, right? It is important to serve both the business and the user. Rest is sometimes not more than an imposition.

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